Any request for access from individuals NOT specifically "allowed"* to experience this content will be denied.

*{Allowed} - meaning those whom the government entities, political lobbyists, corporate empires, specific artists, and/or other various "authoritative groups" feel have the "right" to experience the artists creations.

This collection was originally intended for public entertainment, the current political situation has rendered this impossible. Therefore, do to government regulations, legal restraints, corporate litigation, various methods of public oppression, threats filed against me and my ISP account, as well as multiple forms of blatant rights violations, this library can only be utilized for private use.

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I am sincerely disgusted by the fact that the corporate empires, various artists, and political lobbyists have continuously endeavored to destroy the freedom and exposure that the digital information age has made possible. These short sited and closed minded entities, have made it virtually hopeless for normal people to experience the vision, the creativity, and the beauty, of the artists creations. The only success they have achieved is to enforce the understanding of why the level of creativity in our lifetime has declined to almost non existent.

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